LEGO Lover? Visit LEGO House “Home of the Brick”

Part of the City Island build at LEGO House in Denmark
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Do you have a LEGO lover in your your family? Then a visit to LEGO House in Billund, Denmark must be on your bucket list! Imagine an entire building filled with 25 million LEGO bricks available to build with in all different ways. Are you drooling yet? LEGO House is easily combined with a getaway to LEGOLAND Billund or Lalandia waterpark.

LEGO House in Billund, Denmark

LEGO welcomes you as soon as you enter LEGO House – LEGO artwork on the walls, full-size LEGO people on the benches, and the beautiful Tree of Creativity. When we were at LEGO House there was even a working full-size car built entirely from TECHNIC bricks and motors!

Looking down from halfway up the Tree of Creativity at LEGO House in Denmark
The Tree of Creativity took 6,316,611 standard LEGO bricks and 24,350 hours to assemble. Slowly wind your way up the stairs to admire all the details.

LEGO Wristband and LEGO House App

Your LEGO House wristband is your personalized record keeper of all your LEGO House memories. Scan your ticket at the machines in the lobby to get your personalized wristband. For 29 days after your visit you can download the photos and videos from the LEGO House app or website.

Keep your codes! In order to recover your memories in the LEGO House app, you will need two of three codes: wristband, 6 bricks, or ticket code. Take pictures of two of them in case you accidentally toss your wristbands or tickets.

A map of LEGO House in Denmark built from LEGO bricks
You can orient yourself at the map in the lobby before heading into the Experience Zones…made from LEGO, of course.

Experience Zones

LEGO House is divided into six Experience Zones. The majority of your time will be spent in the four colored Experience Zones – Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow. You will also want to spend time in the Masterpiece Gallery and perhaps the History Collection. Our kids just wanted to see modern LEGO, the history didn’t interest them, but your mileage may vary.

DUPLO builders welcome! If your kids haven’t graduated to LEGO bricks, never fear. Every zone has a dedicated DUPLO building area.

The zones can be visited in any order you like and you’re always welcome to loop back. We started at the top in the Masterpiece Gallery and worked our way down.

The top-level is the Masterpiece Gallery. Everything in the room was built by LEGO fans! Maybe someday you’ll have a creation in here. Bonus points if you notice that the room is shaped like a massive LEGO brick.

Red: Develop your Creative Skills

Bring your creativity to the Red Zone. There’s enough LEGO (and DUPLO) here for any idea! The Creative Lab area has a different challenge each month.

All you need is a love of LEGO to enjoy Brick Builder in the Red Zone. Pick a color palette and start building!

Blue: Develop your cognitive skills

Save minifigures trapped in the arctic ice by programming your arctic explorer robot; build a LEGO car and test drive your design on a variety of tracks; play city architect and design a city that satisfies your picky minifgure residents. Watch out! City Architect is addictive…so addicitve that we were too busy pleasing our demanding minifigure citizens to take photos. Oops!

Children building with DUPLO trains in the Blue Zone at the LEGO House in Denmark
For younger builders, the Blue Zone DUPLO area features lots and lots of trains!

Green: Develop your social skills

My favorite zone…although it’s a tough call with Blue Zone. I could have spent all day, or maybe several, gushing over the details in the World Explorer. I may need to become a professional LEGO builder. Or just visit LEGO House more often!

Fabuland in The World Explorer display at LEGO House in Denmark
World Explorer’s three islands – Town & Countryside, Tropical Paradise, and City – use 1,973,277 LEGO bricks, 2,500+ LEGO minifigures and took 24,115 hours to build, which doesn’t include the 2,950 hours to design the minifigure-scale model.
Close-up of a LEGO build featuring a German player being awarded a red card in a game against Denmark. The display is part of LEGO House in Denmark.
Red card! Germany’s not off to a good start in their match against Denmark. My money’s on Denmark for the win!
DUPLO firemand trying to extinguish a volcano at LEGO House in Denmark
Don’t throw out the DUPLO! Check out how the World Explorer builders combined DUPLO and LEGO bricks on Tropical Paradise Island. Although…I think those fireman are going to have a tough time extinguishing that fire!

Our favorite family activity was the stop motion animation “Story Lab.” You do have a time limit, but your movie saves and you can come back for multiple sessions if you need to. It took us three sessions to finish our movie. If you have done stop motion before, you would probably be faster.

Yellow: Develop Your Emotional Skills

In the Yellow Zone, you can build a fish to release into a computerized aquarium, design a flower, and build critters of different types. For younger builders, the DUPLO zone features blocks with all different facial expressions.

Need a brain…or finger…break? LEGO House has several small, outdoor playgrounds. You can pop outside whenever your legs need a stretch.

Personalized Brick Factory

Finish your visit with a personalized 6-brick combo and be amazed by the endless possibilities of LEGO. Did you know that 6 2×4 LEGO bricks can be combined in 915,103,765 unique ways? Cross my heart. Danish mathematician Søren Eilers proved it in 2004.

A boy holding a LEGO 6-brick combination and LEGO bricks from the LEGO House in Denmark
Fresh off the assembly line! Watch a real LEGO factory machine make a set of 6 2×4 bricks from scratch. Then scan your wristband for your personalized building combination. No one else in the world will be given your combination!

LEGO Store

Yes, never fear, if you need any more LEGO bricks, books, or paraphernalia in your life, they are all available at LEGO House. You can even take a photo of yourself and have it made into a personalized LEGO art kit.

Eating at LEGO House – MINI CHEF Restaurant

LEGO House has three eateries, but hands down you need to eat at MINI CHEF! Not only is the experience unique, but the food is tasty and healthy. You start by ordering your food with LEGO bricks (of course!). Then use the video screen at your table for a behind the scenes peek at the LEGO minifigures preparing your food in the kitchen. Lastly, pick-up your food in a LEGO-shaped box from the robot helpers.

Two LEGO robots delivering lunch at the MIN Chef restaurant at LEGO House in Denmark
Thanks for lunch, Roberta and Robert!

How Long do I Need to Visit LEGO House?

How long you need to visit LEGO House depends slightly on your LEGO-thusiasm. We easily spent six hours here, including lunch, and probably could have gone longer. The LEGO House website says 3-4 hours for the Experience Zones.

Your entry ticket has an assigned time when you can enter the Experience Zones. We bought tickets for the first entry time, which meant the crowds were smaller. Once you’re in, you’re in; therefore, expect the crowds to grow during the day.

How to Buy Tickets to LEGO House

We highly recommend buying your tickets ahead of time. You will have a timed entry for the Experience Zones. If you’re planning to visit LEGOLAND while in Billund, a combined ticket will save you money. Your visit date/time to LEGOHouse will be fixed, but you can use the single day LEGOLAND ticket 6 days before or after.

Close-up of a LEGO build featuring a minifigure bungee jumping
Don’t leave this guy hanging! Take the plunge and start planning your visit to LEGO House in Denmark!

Where to Stay near LEGO House?

Our favorite place to stay in Billund is Lalandia! Lalandia has a huge indoor waterpark with slides and water play areas for all ages. We love spending our evenings there after a day at LEGOLAND or LEGO House, which both close much earlier. Both LEGOLAND and LEGO House are an easy walk (10-15 minutes). The accommodation at Lalandia is holiday cottages, which means you can also cook and do laundry. Winner!

The LEGOLAND hotels are obviously another popular place to stay in Billund, especially if you’re looking for the all-LEGO-all-the-time holiday feel. LEGOLAND has a lot of choices depending on your budget and proximity to the park. The two “on-site” hotels are Hotel LEGOLAND and LEGOLAND Castle Hotel (the newest option). LEGOLAND Holiday Village has the Pirate’s Inn Motel and holiday cottages themed as Wild West, Ninjago, or Wilderness Barrels (barrel’s have a shared bathroom).

And, of course, Billund has non-resort accommodation choices too.

How to Get to LEGO House

LEGO House is located in Billund, Denmark. LEGO House is located in downtown Billund near LEGO headquarters and is a short walk from most hotels, including LEGOLand and Lalandia.

The closest airport is Billund (BLL) with direct flights from more than 50 destinations in Europe. From Billund airport you can catch a taxi or the local bus to LEGOLand, Lalandia, or downtown Billund.

The nearest train station is Vejle, where you can catch direct trains to Copenhagen and Aarhus (or elsewhere in Denmark) and international destinations such as Germany and France. is the best tool for planning a trip on Danish public transportation. The public bus between Vejle and LEGOLAND/Lalandia takes ~40 minutes.

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