Finding Treasure on Redwood EdVenture Quests [Discontinued]

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Sadly, the Humboldt County Office of Education discontinued the Redwood EdVenture Quests. We’re leaving this post up in case they change their mind in the future or replace it with something even better!

Are you a fan of Junior Ranger programs? Are you headed to California’s North Coast? Then we have a great program for you – Redwood EdVenture Quests. Redwood EdVenture Quests are a simple clue-based treasure hunt through one of nearly 30 destinations on California’s North Coast. They are a super fun, engaging way to get outside and learn a little more about the area. Even better…unlike the California State Park Junior Ranger program, which can only be completed in summer, Redwood EdVenture Quests are available year-round.

Redwood EdVentures Quests on California’s North Coast

Redwood EdVenture Quests enliven your visit to California’s North Coast. Hosted by Slick the Banana Slug, a quintessential Redwood’s mascot, you follow a series of poetic clues to your final destination – a Quest Clue. The Quest Clue is your key to a Redwood EdVenture Quest patch.

We completed Quests in Jedidiah Smith State Park, Prairie Creek State Park, Redwood National Park, and Patrick’s Point State Park. The best part is that the Quests were all on hikes we had already planned!

What is a Redwood EdVenture Quest?

Redwood EdVenture Quests lead you through a set of rhyming clues to learn more about the local landscape and history. You start by picking up your quest at the local visitor center. Then you just follow the clues.

Once you have your Quest Clue, go to the visitor center indicated on the Quest to claim your patch. Amazingly, each Quest has a unique patch!

COVID considerations: Due to COVID, many visitor centers in the area are closed. No problem! Just print out the quest ahead of time or download it to your smartphone (cell reception is spotty all along the coast). Once you have your Quest Clue, you can request your patch online.

Redwood EdVenture Quests are found throughout Humboldt and Del Norte counties on California’s North Coast. Most within striking distance of Highway 101. You can see the whole map here.

Two children reading the clues on a Redwood EdVenture Quest
Studying clues for the Redwood EdVenture Quest in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. The 2.5 mile hike winds through a towering forest along Prairie Creek. Prairie Creek was the one Visitor Center open on our trip. The kids were excited to claim a Quest prize in-person.

The Quests don’t take much time (30 minutes to one hour), especially with slightly older kids, and are easy to fit into your day. For younger kids, they would be a great way to keep the excitement going on a short hike.

If you’re doing hikes in the Redwood National and State Parks, combine your Redwood EdVenture Questing with a Junior Ranger badge. An epic combo!

Bike Quests

In September 2020, Redwood EdVenture Quests added the first bike Quests! The bike Quests use a smartphone instead of a pen and paper. Other than that, they work just like the walking quests. They do cover more ground and use bike-friendly trails.

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