Four Corners Monument: Everything You Need to Know

Sign for the "World Famous" Four Corners Monument
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Four Corners Monument is the only spot in the United States shared by four states: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.  There is nothing breathtaking to see here, but, nonetheless, has been on our family bucket list for awhile.  After all, who doesn’t like to be in multiple places at once?  It didn’t hurt that it was an easy detour on our drive from Mesa Verde National Park to Monument Valley.

Four Corners Monument

What do you do at Four Corners Monument? Exactly what you imagine!  You stand on the intersection of four states (a “quadripoint” if you want to get technical) and bask in the thrill of being in four places at once.

Four Corners Monument disc
X marks the spot! Don’t miss your chance to be four places at once!

Make sure to bring your patience. Everyone wants a photo! We visited on a Thursday in mid-September and still shared the monument with a number of other groups.

Shopping is also an option.  The shaded arcade surrounding the monument has numerous stalls selling souvenirs, jewelry, crafts, etc.  How many of these stalls are open will depend on when you visit. 

Know Before You Go

Location & Getting There

Four Corners Monument is isolated.  Not extremely so (after all, it’s only 40 miles from Mesa Verde National Park), but enough that you want to have a full tank and cash for the entrance fee.

There is no public transportation to Four Corners. Not a problem since you are probably visiting as part of a larger road trip.

If you are on a National Parks roadtrip, here are some drive times to/from Four Corners Monument:

  • Mesa Verde National Park – 1 hour
  • Monument Valley – 2 hours
  • Page, Arizona (Lake Powell) – 3 hours
  • Grand Canyon South Rim – 3.5 hours
  • Grand Canyon North Rim – 5 hours

Entrance Fee

Bring cash! Four Corners Monument is located on Navajo Nation land.  A National Parks pass will not work here.  In September 2018, the entrance fee was $5/person (6 & under free). Cash only! At $20 for our family, it was definitely an expensive 45 minute detour.

Opening Hours

Surprisingly, the official Navajo Nation Parks website does not have opening hours. The following hours were current as of September 2018:

  • Friday of Memorial Day Weekend – August 15th: 8:00am-7:45pm
  • August 16th – September 30th: 8:00am-6:45pm
  • October 1st – March 31st: 8:00am-4:45pm
  • April 1st – 30th: 8:00am-5:45pm
  • May 1st – Thursday before Memorial Day Weekend: 8:00am-6:45pm
  • Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year’s Day


  • Vault toilets
  • “Grandma’s” fry bread food truck open during high season / busy weekends.

Lodging Near Four Corners

Four Corners itself does not have any lodging. Nearby towns offer a variety of lodging.